Friday, May 11, 2012

New York City Adventures

How time has flew by! A whirlwind trip to New York, one wedding, and nearly a month of being sick's already May! Nearly a month-and-a-half has gone by since our trip to NYC but I am still looking back on the pictures from the trip and reminiscing... Can't wait for another chance to visit again! (when I am not sick)

Some highlights:
We visited this Nan Xiang Xiao Long Bao on the night we flew in. Turned out to be one of my favorite restaurants the whole trip! Definitely up to par with Ding Tai Feng in LA, but had a homier feel, no line, and generous portions.

Delicious side dishes! 

Huge bowl of noodle soup for $5

There was nothing "xiao" (small) about these soup dumplings...they were huge! 

On our first full day in New York I was probably the sickest... But in the midst of body aches, a viral infection, and a painful open blister somehow we actually managed to visit the Natural History Museum, 9/11 Memorial, and Times Square. 

I thought this turtle fossil at the Natural History Museum was's giant! Especially compared to our pet turtle at home (Dowser is about the size of this guy's nose) 

The fountain at the base of where one of the twin towers once stood

Of course we had to get a shot like this in Times Square! 

The second day we took a food tour of Chelsea Market and the meat packing district. We stopped eight boutique food shops and restaurants for tastings. 

A red velvet cupcake from Eleni's Bakery: the Tiffany's of cookies 

Will enjoying a lobster bisque at Lobster Place 

One of our favorites from the food tour was actually these unassuming-looking preserves from Sara Beth's. It was pretty cool that we got to meet her too! (she happened to be in the bakery at the time) 

We took a stroll along the High Line park

After the food tour we stopped by Greenwich village and found the Friend's building 

In the evening we went to see Godspell at Circle in the Square theater. I absolutely loved it-- the music, set, and story were all fantastic. It was a really fun way to present the stories and parables found in the gospel of Matthew. The theater was super cozy and the stage (360 degrees) was so unique-- there really wasn't a bad seat in the house. 

Partying it up on the stage during intermission 

On our last full day in New York we had brunch at Landmarc and then visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Afterwards, we headed to the Jersey side to visit some friends and a great view of the Manhattan skyline. 

The best man-- also our chauffeur, host, and tour guide during this trip. I guess best man duties don't end after the wedding…. Thanks Kevin! 

We'll be doing lots of traveling this year...Can't wait for our next trip to Portland coming up in June!

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