Hi, I'm Sandy. I want to live life truly, everyday. And I am still on the journey of discovering what that means.

I am saved by the amazing love and grace of God through Jesus Christ. Because of my Lord and Savior, I can live a life that is truly inspired and find simple joy in everyday life.

Two days after my 18th birthday my parents dropped me off at college with tearful goodbyes. I cried a little in my bed that night thinking I have never felt so lonely before in my life. Then, the very next day, I met Will. He told his version of our beginnings through a comic strip he drew, here. We learned, laughed, cried, and grew up together while we were still students, finished school, and then got engaged and planned our dream wedding. We are now happily married and still growing in love together.

We belong to a wonderful church in west Los Angeles where we strive to live "life in Christ, life together." We are constantly challenged and humbled by the love of our family of God.

We enjoy trying new food, traveling together, and accomplishing small weekend home improvement and decorating projects.

I love the sciences, which I studied in college, especially biology and genetics because I think it is exciting to work at understanding the mystery and intricacies of God's creations. But I also have a great passion for writing, fashion, photography, arts, food, and design. This is my creative outlet where I can share the things that inspire me: travel planning, delicious recipes, craft projects, decorating our home, my amateur photography, fashion trends, and all other simple luxuries that make life a little more colorful.

When I was little I kept a journal and recently I was able to dig it up again and I showed it to Will. He loved it so much he said, we really must make our children write journals too someday. We pored over it for hours with many laughter and tears at all the innocent and silly little things the six-year-old me wrote: the way I would describe my day, my family, my favorite book, my aspirations. So this in some ways, is my adult journal. Perhaps someday it will seem just as trivial and inconsequential, but it will be memories none the less.

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