Friday, February 3, 2012

The Artist and The Ebell on the big screen!

Can you believe it? I haven't seen a movie in theaters for over a year. With netflicks and itunes at our fingertips, Will and I always ended up deciding to stay in for movies-- but last night we finally dragged outselves off the comforts of our couch and ventured out to the movies-- and for a great one! We saw The Artist and absolutely loved it! We were not quite sure what to expect since we had never seen a silent black-and-white film in theaters before; but the talented actors, fantastic music, and clever yet moving story really captured my heart. And the icing on top was seeing The Ebell, where we held our wedding reception last September, in several scenes in the movie!

We first recognized The Ebell in the auction scene; the art salon where we held our cocktail hour served as the auction house. Then, there was a scene of Valentino running down the iconic grand staircase of the Ebell Lounge, where Will and I made our grand entrace into our reception! We also spotted the Ebell in scenes of Peppy Miller's house, a courtyard garden, and the hospital. It was so cool and perfect for the movie because

It was so cool and perfect for the movie because the Ebell dates right back to late 1920's Los Angeles, when the movie is set-- and it has stayed pretty much the same since then...

circa 1929


The Ebell was such a memorable venue for our wedding and will always hold a special place in my heart.

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