Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Summer (Sand) Bucket List 2013

With all of the changes at work lately, I feel like the days have been going by at lightning speed! This past Memorial Day weekend was a much needed (and anticipated) three day break, though it felt no less busy. Will and I enjoyed a fun day in the sun at our church Memorial Day picnic (and got terribly sunburned; spent the rest of the weekend lathering on aloe), saw the new Star Trek movie, cooked Sunday dinner for church, tidied up the house, and went shopping at Third Street Promenade (twice). Whew.

With time going by so quickly, I thought it would be a good idea to make a list (naturally, because I'm a planner) of ideas for things to do and places to go this summer. I channeled some inspiration from this fun LA times summer guide calendar.

Our Bucket List for Summer 2013!
  • Practice guitar with Will and learn to play one praise song we can sing together
  • Improve my flexibility! Will and I recently attended the annual dance showcase for the Chinese Cultural Dance Club I used to be a part of in college and I got so nostalgic for my dancing days... with dance classes a few times a week it was easy to keep fit and limber. It's really been a downward hill ever since I graduated... 
  • Universal Studios: We still have a free pass to go before September! 
  • New Restaurants: Have a dozen bookmarks on Yelp I can't wait to try, more foodventures are on the way! 
  • New Recipes: 
    • This no-bake creamy frozen lemon souffle with raspberries 
    • (Finally) use our ice cream maker
    • make simple strawberry lemonade with our new blender
    • Fantastic salads from the list of 51 colorful and delicious ways to eat spring vegetables (even though its summer, most spring veggies are available year-round in California)
    • ...and if I ever run out of ideas there is always this list of 100 great summer receipes
  • Visit the Adamson House
  • Photograph the Watts Towers: This fascinating piece of artistic architecture has an amazing story-- built by a single man in his spare time over 33 years using only hand tools! 
  • Purple Sand beach near Big Sur (this would make a fun weekend trip!) 
  • Go on at least two hikes: The weather may get a little too hot for hikes in the summer so we'll have to wait for a sufficiently cloudy/breezy weekend to accomplish this one. I've been wanting to explore the Grotto in Malibu and the famous Potato Chip Rock in Poway! 
  • Update and summer-ize my makeup bag (already in progress, made some purchases online this past weekend): I don't wear makeup often but I realized that with a few weddings coming up, I should probably freshen things up (the last time I bought new makeup was probably almost two years ago!)
  • Find fashionable and comfortable walking/travel shoes 
  • And of course EUROPE! August can't come soon enough! 

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