Wednesday, May 25, 2011

100 Days

One hundred days until the wedding.

After today, Will and I will be in double digit days before we are married. Almost immediately after becoming engaged back in the beginning of January, I began dreaming up our Big Day and it wasn't long before I found myself poring over countless wedding blogs, photos, and articles everyday. I have always been a romantic at heart, adoring all of the beautiful things that can be inspired by love.

Of course, Will and I quickly realized that simply imagining our "perfect wedding" and actually planning it are two very different things. Especially when we added up the tall order of us wanting to be married this same year on a Saturday in the popular month of September just eight months after our engagement, along with my perfectionist personality and not wanting to overlook even one detail. It will be quite a project-- but one I will truly enjoy.

It has been amazing how quickly the first five months of our engagement passed. Between a trip to Taiwan, family gatherings, friends, church, and meeting with vendors nearly every weekend, there was hardly a spare moment that wasn't busy. But it was the exciting sort of busy-- like the feeling you get when reading vigorously through a good book just so you could go on to the next page, because every chapter was better than the last.

With just a little over three months left before the wedding, I want to collect all of my inspiration, memories, thoughts, and just life in a place where I can share and remember them.  After all, planning our own wedding will be a once in a lifetime experience. I don't want to miss a thing.

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