Thursday, May 26, 2011

Have your cake and eat it too!

Lately, Will and I haven't had many hobbies to speak of (but we're working on it…we tried to pick up painting together and I want to get back to dancing again) except our tried and true friend: food. Most of my facebook pictures are of us together at restaurants or just of the food itself. We definately want to make sure there is great food at our wedding, but I am also getting pretty excited about our wedding cake too. We still have to sift through ideas, visit bakeries, and actually order the cake so I've been drooling over all of these decadent looking creations....



In the beginning of wedding planning, I didn't consider the cake a huge priority because honestly while I remember some of the delicious food I've had at receptions, I actually can never quite remember the cake from any particular wedding. But now, I am definitely excited about choosing our wedding cake!

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