Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Style Files: Dress up with Sperrys

Confession: I feel a little out-of-the-fashion-loop, I didn't know about Sperry Top-Siders until just a few months ago. I happened to spot a pair (in my size! a rare sighting...) for sale recently at Macy's and I also had a gift card that was overdue for spending so I was able to snag my new Sperrys for free! They are a blush pink with a beige trim and a sequin plaid pattern on the side. I loved how girly they were and this version even had a fleece lining (usually they are leather on the inside), like Uggs for springtime!

When I first saw the shoe I did some research on the brand since I've never really seen people in LA wearing Sperrys before. Perhaps it's more of an east coast thing and hasn't quite made its way over to California yet. Or maybe I have just been oblivious and behind on my fashion trends. I learned that Sperrys were first designed back in the 1930s by Paul Sperry in Connecticut (explains the preppy northeastern vibe of the brand) for the very practical purpose of increasing traction on slippery boat decks, and thus became commonly known as boat shoes. 

On board with boat shoes

I love that Sperrys are well-made from quality materials such as leather, suede, and a sturdy non-marking sole that provides good support. The plush lining on the inside is so comfy that it makes me feel like I am wearing slippers all the time. Also, they come in all sorts of fun colors and patterns (glitter, plaid, floral, animal prints...).  But I did have my doubts at first since I never really considered myself a "loafer" kind of girl (my go-to flats are usually more of the ballet slipper variety). I thought for a while how I should wear my Sperrys and these are the style combinations I've settled on. 
Sperry's Styles

1) Great for summer paired with shorts, capris, shirt dresses, or short skirts
2) Would also pair wonderfully with a shirtdress and leather belt or bag that echos the material of the shoe
3) Even works for mild LA winters with skinny jeans

It's a great versatile and comfortable everyday shoes, perfect for running errands, shopping, as a casual weekend slip-on, and even traveling (bonus if there is actually boating involved). I find they don't pair well with many of the dresses in my closet though, the way my ballet flats do, especially dresses with polyester material, sheer fabric, or anything too frilly or formal. They look best paired with cotton or denim clothing for a relaxed but composed look.

Love it when I find great new shoes!

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