Thursday, March 21, 2013

Foodventures: Simplethings and Mason Jars

This past weekend we had brunch at Simplethings Sandwich and Pie Shop, which we discovered through Blackboard Eats. This adorable little cafe is located just down the street from the many other popular brunch spots on West 3rd, like Joan's on Third, Toast and Little Next Door. Parking was madness to say the least, but next time we will know just to head straight to the public valet. As an alternative to a public lot, public valets are located on every block between La Cienaga and Fairfax marked with bright orange signs and umbrellas.

Simplethings is set up pretty much like a bakery cafe-- with a large kitchen in the back where all the pies are freshly prepared and a smaller area for seating in the front. You order at the front register next to the display case full of tempting pies. It was a bit crowded because of the weekend lunch rush, but the staff were very friendly and quickly cleaned up the tables and seated us. The size of the shop is certainly cozy, but I just loved how bright and airy the restaurant felt!

I had the vegetarian eggs benedict, which was decent since we had our hearts set on having brunch food, but looking back I really wish I had tried one of their regular menu items like the avocado melt sandwich or chicken curry pot pie. Note to self, always order the items the restaurant is named for. We did try one of their cutie pies (great name), which is the bite-size version of their sweet dessert pies. The strawberry flavored pie we had was good but nothing particularly special, I think perhaps I chose "too safe" of a flavor.

My favorite thing about the the meal presentation was the way my lemonade was served in a mason jar. Such a cute idea! I was inspired by how effortlessly pretty and rustic it looked as an alternative to regular glasses. Perhaps an idea I can bring home?

Mason Jar Drink Glasses
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