Friday, July 22, 2011

A Taste of the Ebell

Yesterday Will and I attended a fabulous tasting event at the Ebell, our wedding reception venue. We sampled elements from our dinner menu, met some great wedding vendors, and walked the grounds envisioning what our September 3rd will be like.

The super sugary and super pink cotton candy cocktail

 The floral arrangements were absolutely gorgeous. I Love the romantic pastel palate.

 The event had a light-hearted cotton candy and ice cream vibe so we had dinner on the patio of the courtyard garden under a string of colorful lanterns. It was nice for a summer evening but got chilly pretty quickly.

Delicious Tuna Tartare

Grilled Vegetable Risotto with Basil sauce. A very pretty dish!

Sage and Thyme Chicken. This was our 3rd entree sampler...and by "sampler" the Ebell actually means serving us a full-sized portion to be shared by the two of us. So we had literally like 3 full dinners.

Lastly, a peak at the grand lounge where we will be entertaining our wedding guests in 43 days!

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