Tuesday, July 26, 2011

39 days

This past weekend we bought paint for our soon-to-be new home. It was a big step. This was after months and months of hoarding color swatches at Home Depot and Sherwin Williams, agonizing over shades of beige and green. A sale at Sherwin Williams this past weekend (which we only found out about the day before) forced us to make fast decisions. One (long) day and seven sample paint purchases later, we finally lugged back two big boxes packed with gallons of paint. Though I still find myself constantly second-guessing our choices I'm also excited we are finally making our first major preparation to our place.

I love these colorful but simple, contemporary paintings from MadeByGirl. I was thinking that maybe I could put to use the rejected paint samples (5 colors) in a similar painting of some sort. The condo has a mildly modern flair so I think a few pieces of geometric abstract art pieces would really look nice...

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