Monday, August 15, 2011

19 days!

19 days until our wedding! So exciting~ After a relatively relaxing weekend to recuperate from a pretty stressful week, I am ready for the last 3 week countdown until I get married!

This weekend I:
  • Had my hair cut and permed at Etude Lounge, the same salon I also booked for my hair and makeup styling for the wedding day. My hair was getting super long since I hadn't had a haircut since the beginning of November (nearly waist length).  
  • Ate a lot in Ktown. 
  • Bought these lovely mugs from Anthropologie. Planning to use them to decorate the guests tables at the reception. 
  • Will finished touching up paint on most of the walls. I can't believe it was just last weekend that we painted the condo… It was exhausting and we'd worked on it so much since then that it felt like it was already weeks and weeks ago. So happy about how it is turning out though, it looks really great~  Next is furniture shopping~ 
  • My parents put together a collection of my baby photos in preparation to embarrass me during the wedding reception...
A less embarrassing one~ Me with my furry friends!
  • Watched Disney's Mulan. Can you believe Will has never seen it?  

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