Monday, August 22, 2011

Love in Santa Monica

I wanted to share our latest (third) very fun engagement session with our talented photographer friend Carol Ly. We love her fine-art photography style and her beautiful treatment of color. Of course, since she is also our good friend, it was simply a lot of fun just spending time with her and her handy assistant Jez down at Santa Monica pier.

One of my favorites! Just a plain wall we walked past in the alley, but a perfect backdrop!

I feel loved.

Santa Monica Pier was actually one of the places Will took me on our first date! After dinner Will brought me to the pier and we walked along the beach and then I challenged him to game of hoops at the arcade. Of course I won.

Brrrr. It was very cold and windy that day~ 

I'm too far away silly =P 

Aren't they beautiful? Thanks Carol and Jez! Be sure to see more of her work here

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