Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I guess it wouldn't be a real wedding without some very real, emotional, stressful, wedding drama.

Today was one of those days. And a terribly hard lesson was learned. I just don't know how certain companies and wedding vendors stand to make brides cry.

It's days like these that makes me daydream about just eloping to somewhere beautiful...

I need to remember that a wedding is about uniting two people, two hearts, two souls before God. We don't need anything else to make that wonderful~


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  2. I'd like to add a comment about this incident because maybe I was naive to think that there are still good, legitimate businesses out there that actually care about their customer and not the bottom line. From a legal perspective, the vendor did nothing wrong, and they have certainly stood behind the veil of their contract. But c'mon... yes, in a stressful situation like a wedding, the customer will sometimes make a mistake and overlook a detail. Especially under a pressure sale. That's being human. To charge us purely on a verbal commitment without sending a formal itemized invoice? There's bound to be a miscommunication. And if we cannot call the vendor back within 10 minutes of realizing that mistake to rectify the situation, it makes me seriously doubt the credibility of a vendor who keeps insisting throughout that she was only trying to help us. Puh-lease!

    On the brighter side, I'm so glad I'm not the one setting up the lighting at our reception!


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