Thursday, June 23, 2011

72 days and lost in color

...paint colors that is. I've been looking at color swatches for months now trying to decide the color palette for our soon-to-be new home. When I was little, I hated spending Saturday afternoons trudging through boring Home Depot with my parents to buy DIY things for the house (my Dad doesn't believe in hiring handy man or gardeners)....but now I actually find myself begging Will to take me to Home Depot on the weekends so I can hoard paint color swatches and pick out small samples of wood flooring that we can use to envision the look of our future home. Even with our growing collection color of paint and floor samples, I am still having trouble committing to a particular color. The two main color groups we have been considering are green or beige. We have been leaning more toward a light and calming green until I saw these beautiful creamy rooms that bring so much warmth and light. I just fell in love~

three above via delightbydesign

I also found great inspiration from reading Young House Love, a blog by a talented young couple who renovated their old home to look bright and beautiful. My favorite work of theirs is the dark, dreary, red-brick den that they reworked into a comfortable and airy space absolutely overflowing with light. 

What a lovely and functional space! Read more about their amazing transformations here. I wish Will and I were this handy...

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