Thursday, June 2, 2011

Home Garden

Our friends Min and Esther have a fantastic home garden. Recently when we visited them, they treated us to a delicious dinner with a salad of home-grown greens picked fresh from their garden. The salad was crisp and full of flavor.... nothing like the bag of limp store-bought lettuce we usually make-do with at home. They even packed us some artichoke (which we later tried to use, unsuccessfully, to make artichoke and smoked ham fettuccine...a story for another day), fragrant sprigs of rosemary, and fresh flowers from their garden to take home. The lovely calla lilies, white irises, and lavender were really the cherry on top.

It was all so wonderful I began to fall in love with the idea of someday having a garden of my own where I could grow my own flowers and vegetables-- until I remembered I don't exactly have a green thumb or even a fraction of the talent and patience that Esther has for gardening... It will probably be a while before I have a yard large enough for a garden anyways (or even a plot of grass) so I suppose I will just work on keeping my potted plants at home alive in the mean time.

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