Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Chair with Flair!

I adore the idea of embellishing the bride's and groom's chairs for the reception~

Will and I decided to have a "family style" round table as our head table instead of a long presidential head table or a sweet heart table. We felt that a sweet heart table with just the two of us would be too isolated-- we definitely want to celebrate the special day feeling like we are surrounded by friends and family. The long head table, on the other hand, would feel too much like we are being put on display...Will and I would feel most truly comfortable at an ordinary table where we can simply talk and laugh with our friends. We will be distinguishing our head table with decor and I also thought it would be fun to have something special for our chairs. It's one of those little details probably not many will notice (especially since the embelishments will be on the back of our chairs, away from the rest of guests) but it's a unique touch that just makes things more personal~

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