Saturday, June 4, 2011


I know its a little weird to be really excited about paper (and up past 1am in the morning writing about it)...but I've been searching all over the internet for paper goods and found some pretty wonderful things. It's just paper-- but with colorful patterns, scalloped edges, linen texture, luster finish...and in every imaginable shade of color. Well, not exactly every imaginable shade, which is why I've been doing an extensive online search just to find the perfect color combinations of paper materials for our wedding stationery.

These pretty cards are actually made of wood not paper but how cool is that? via thenewlyengaged and nightowlpapergoods

The above are all via parcelpost, a great blog resource for all kinds of lovely paper inspirations

So I've pretty much decided we are just going to dive head first into this DIY-our-own-wedding-invitations idea. It will be the most budget-friendly option and we will be able to customize and design all of our own stationery so it will be more special and personal. It's been fun so far....planning out potential designs and finding the exact shades of colors that we want for all the paper materials. That's not to say I won't regret my decision in about a month when we actually start putting things together and attempt to make over a hundred of these things....but right now I'm pretty excited and ready for the challenge!

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