Tuesday, June 14, 2011

81 days and 3 ideas

Most of the big items on our wedding check list have been completed, save for a few in-progress tasks such as DJ, cake, and tuxes. I am now thinking a bit more about the details. These are four little ideas I'm just loving at the moment~

Wedding activity book: I have a few vague memories of a couple of family weddings I attended when I was a child… and while I was always well-behaved (I think...) an activity book would have been a great way to quell the temperaments of the more impatient little guests.

Personalized wedding dress hanger: For that one (but staple) photo featuring the wedding dress, a pretty hanger is a lovely detail. Also, since I have decided on renting my wedding dress instead of purchasing it, an extra special hanger would be a nice momento in lieu of the actual dress and it would also be much more useful in my closet after the wedding.

Pretty drinks in a glass beverage dispenser: wonderful colors and also nice and refreshing for guests on a hot summer day. From LA almanac it shows that the average higher temperature for our wedding day from past years is a balmy 84 degrees. The record high was a boiling 103 degrees! Goodness I certainly hope not...

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