Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Our Balcony Garden

Lately, I've been bemoaning our home's lack of outdoor space. It's spring and I long for a little spring greens and a garden of my own filled with blooming flowers. Unfortunately our city condo is definitely lacking in usable outdoor space. We have two balconies, one off the living room and another off our bedroom. Both are tiny and terribly awkward; basically you step out the screen door and you are already right up against the railing. I always thought that making some usable space out of our balcolini (my made-up word for our tiny, baby balcony) was a lost cause but Will promised that we could make it work and have an area for the greenery I've been hoping.

Sure enough, our little project last weekend was starting up a herb and succulent garden on our balcony! We picked up a few hanging flower boxes, soil, and plants from Home Depot and a few hours later we had ourselves a little balcony garden. Very thankful for Will who diligently washed and scrubbed our dusty balcony until it was usable again! (We used to have neighbors who smoked and kept dogs on their balcony above ours so with all of the ash and pet hair that floated over it was pretty gross...)

In one planter we have a variety of baby succulents and in the herb planter we have mini red peppers, pineapple sage, oregano, and boxwood basil. When Will and I were bent over the planters potting our mini garden and getting our hands dirty, it made us feel like kids again; I remember in elementary school our class planted a small vegetable patch to learn about how things grew and back then we didn't seem to mind getting dirt on our hands and clothes and the occasional bugs because it was all so much fun. This time, I kept a Lysol wipe within arm's reach (and somehow, there was a lot more cleanup involved than I remembered....definitely don't have memories of doing that part as a kid).

Can't wait to watch our plants grow!

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  1. I have a similarly small balcony, and I've been slowly adding herbs and succulents to it. It does feel nice to "be outdoors" and get my hands dirty. I like what you did with your space. :)


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