Friday, April 26, 2013


I recently discovered Society6, an online shop where artists sell their unique designs as a variety of products. I wanted to share about Society6 because often times as a consumer, I come across beautiful and inspiring works of art and design online, but finding a way to own a version of the piece and support the original creator of the work can be pretty elusive. Society6 fosters support for the creative community by making it easier for artists to market their original works and admirers to purchase their favorite designs in a very practical form. I've been finding lots of fabulous decorative graphic prints, unique iphone cases, and even a handful of pretty throw pillows!
A few favorites from Society6

I'm really loving that "Up" inspired graphic print by Derek Temple! I am thinking about ordering one for our bedroom. The woodland creatures series by Teagan White is also super adorable and would be really cute for a baby's room (for future reference?) or on a tote bag. And those throw pillows with colorful artwork by Garima Dhawan-- whimsical and playful, I love them all.

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