Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sunshine and Weekend Eats

The weather was positively lovely this weekend! Warm sunshine, clear skies, and the occasional cool breeze. I put on a nautical blue and white striped sundress that had been buried deep in the back of my closet during the winter months, Will donned his usual professorly getup (collared shirt under a v-neck sweater...I've teased him that rain or shine, summer or winter, he always wears the same outfit!) and treated me to a spontaneous day of eating our way through LA. We enjoyed a leisurely brunch at La Provence Patisserie in Beverly Hills (a check off this delicious list of the top 10 macarons in LA), strolled through Cal Tech campus (I've never been before, it's quite nice! lovely Spanish architecture), cooled off with some gelato at Piccomolo in Old Pasadena downtown, and finished off with milk tea and soup dumplings at Din Tai Fung, one of our favorite Chinese Restaurants!

We were able to enjoy our weekend indulgence guilt-free because Will had gone running twice this past week (usually he only has time to go once) and I had dance class... it's all about balance right? The not-so-glamorous part of my weekend was the terrible blisters I got on the back of my heel from a pair of new shoes... ow. Just short of a perfect day.

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